Green energy suppliers and home solar/battery setups

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Green energy suppliers and home solar/battery setups

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Zasso Nouka wrote:
Fri Mar 17, 2023 8:01 am
Looks like a nice setup, what's the score with importing lithium batteries these days ?

It must be possible as they ship the things all over the world for commercial purposes but there were restrictions for individual customers a few years ago.
As long as you use a major carrier that knows what they're doing, you're golden. It isn't cheap but for something that size it's worth it.

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Green energy suppliers and home solar/battery setups

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For anyone living within Tepco's service area they have something called Enekari where they will install things like solar panels, Eco-Cutes, IH, batteries, or V2H's. You can either lease the items over a set period or go for grants and/or loans. If you lease then Tepco will take care of any maintenance over the lease period and transfer ownership to you at the end of the lease. You can also go down the subsidy and/or loan route and they will apply for any relevant subsidies and arrange a loan for you.

We just had a survey done for a V2H and possibly more solar panels and are waiting for the estimate to come in shortly. The agent was pretty thorough and well informed, he explained the lease was quite a good idea if you don't want to fork out a large lump sum at the beginning and Tepco would look after any repairs that were needed. However he pointed out that for V2H's and solar panels there are still some very good subsidies that pay around half the costs and then we could either pay the rest or they can offer a loan at very low rates of interest. So we'll see what the estimate comes in at for both options.

Not sure if other regional energy suppliers offer the same kind of thing but quite a good option if you want to install some large budget items but don't want to stump up large sums of cash in one fell swoop.