Process for renting Akiya? Any difficulties?

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Process for renting Akiya? Any difficulties?

Post by ConnorCM371 »

I have been planning to move to the inaka for a while now, but instead of outright paying cash for an akiya, I would like to rent one in my area of interest first (currently looking at Hyogo).

Do any of the difficulties of renting apartments as a foreigner translate to renting Akiya? Common sense tells me no, since the common attitude among natives seems to be that akiya are a financial burden to be gotten rid of versus actual real estate....but I'm curious nonetheless.

Thank you everyone for your answers!

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Process for renting Akiya? Any difficulties?

Post by OnionChutney »

Hi Connor

We tried renting an Akiya a few years ago, and the owners were happy that anyone (including us foreigners) would be interested in renting the place.

However... we had them conduct a building inspection before moving in, and found that the roof was on its way out (it could potentially collapse at any moment). The owners didn't seem to think this was an issue, and wanted us to sign up to a 2-year agreement that would incur a penalty fee if we broke it.
Needless to say, we didn't move in.

So although it could be possible to rent an Akiya, and you would probably meet little resistance, I'd be wary of the potential problems.
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Process for renting Akiya? Any difficulties?

Post by donguri »

Check your local akiya bank or liaison at the town office. Some akiya properties are only available as rentals. The foreigner element may or may not be an issue, it just depends on the people involved and probably to a certain degree your Japanese ability. If you have a Japanese partner it will almost always be easier.

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Process for renting Akiya? Any difficulties?

Post by mrsmorotomi »

Hi Connor,

Which part of Hyogo-ken are you looking into? I live in Tamba-shi, and if you're looking around this area, I can point you at the direction of this NPO ( that helps people find housings in the area. Sort of a village revitalization project. They have a list of available kominka both to rent, and to buy. The head of the NPO is fluent in English.

As for other parts of Hyogo-ken, there are many village revitalization projects going on. Find a local NPO, and they should be more than happy to help you settle down.

Good luck :)