Planting for winter

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Planting for winter

Post by Zasso Nouka » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:08 am

Bit late with this thread, been a bit busy with recovering from typhoon #15 and getting ready for #19.

Now is a good time to be planting garlic, rakkyo and at the end of the month onion slips. If you like really punchy garlic and rakkyo then add some sulphur to the soil at planting time. Spring or bunching onions will also do well seeded now and give you a steady harvest through the winter months.

It's probably a bit late to seed cabbage and brussels now (our winter plantings were destroyed by typhoon 15 :doh: ) but you can still get various kale's in the ground if you haven't already started some. They will be slow to start off but should start to grow more quickly once we come out of the persephone months and give a good harvest in very early spring.

There are still plenty of other winter vegetables that can be seeded now including all sorts of salad crops to give you a continuous harvest of fresh leaves through the winter. Now that temps have dropped is the perfect time to seed mâche (corn salad) as the seeds will go dormant if the soil temp gets above 21C. Plant loads as it will be quite slow to start off with but will provide a steady supply of nutritious tasty leaves through the winter and into spring before it flowers in May.

It's also an ideal time to plant chingensai, although we prefer to grow mini varieties as you can harvest them earlier and we find them somewhat easier to use than the larger varieties. You can always leave a few to get larger if you don't use all the smaller ones. Nabana will also do well if planted at this time of year and turnips seeded now will have the best flavour when harvested later after they've been sweetened up by colder nights and a bit of frost. Daikon are another good winter crop as they taste much better when grow in in the colder weather.

If your winters are too harsh you can also seed all sorts of pea crops for an early spring harvest.